Division of Higher Education Research

Hamish Coates

Professor, Institute of Education

Director, Higher Education Division

Deputy Director, Global Research Center for the Assessment of College and Student Development

Tsinghua University

Email: hamishcoates@tsinghua.edu.cn

Address: Room 410, Wennan Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, China

Hamish Coates is a Tenured Professor at Tsinghua University’s Institute of Education, Director of the Higher Education Research Division, and Deputy Director of the Tsinghua University Global Research Centre for the Assessment of College and Student Development. He was Professor of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, Program Director at the LH Martin Institute for Tertiary Leadership and Management, Founding Director of Higher Education Research at the Australian Council for Educational Research, Senior Research Officer at Graduate Careers Australia, and Research Assistant at the Assessment Research Centre. He concentrates on improving the quality and productivity of higher education.

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Education Background

2009.3 to 2014.12: Graduate Certificate of Management (GCMGMT), Melbourne Business School

2012.1 to 2012.2: Management Acceleration Program (MAP), INSEAD

2002.6 to 2005.6: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Melbourne

2001.1 to 2002.12: Master of Education (Assessment and Evaluation) (MEd), University of Melbourne

1995.2 to 2000.6: Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Melbourne

1993.2 to 1999.12: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (BA(Hons)), University of Melbourne

Work Experience

2017.9 to present: Tenured Professor, Institute of Education Tsinghua University; Director, Institute of Education Higher Education Research Division; Deputy Director, Tsinghua University Global Research Center for the Assessment of College and Student Development

2013.12 to 2017.7: Professor of Higher Education, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne

2010.1 to 2013.11: Program Director, LH Martin Institute for Tertiary Education Leadership and Management, University of Melbourne

2006.2 to 2013.10: Founding Director of Higher Education Research Program and Principal Research Fellow, Educational Monitoring and Research Division, Australian Council for Educational Research

2006.1 to 2008.12: Lecturer, Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne

2005.2 to 2006.1: Senior Research Officer, Research Department, Graduate Careers Australia

2002.6 to 2004.12: Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne

2001.1to 2005.6: Senior Resident Tutor, Residential College, Trinity College

1999.7 to 2002.6: Research Assistant, Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne

1999.1 to 1999.7: Research Assistant, Centre for Applied Educational Research, University of Melbourne

Research Fields

Policy evaluation, university leadership, assessment methodology, learner engagement, student outcomes, academic productivity



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