The Institute of Education Tsinghua University (IOE) has a notable history of accomplishment in developing talent, scientific research, teaching, faculty development, and discipline building.

As early as 1926, Tsinghua has established the Department of Educational Psychology. In October 1979, the Office of Educational Research at Tsinghua University was established in response to Chinese reform and opening-up. In November 1985, the Office of Educational Research became the Division of Educational Research at Tsinghua University.

Established in 2009, the IOE Tsinghua University built on the foundations of its precursors. Today, IOE comprises many divisions, centers and institutes, and hosts academic organization secretariats.

IOE's elite faculty leads strategic research and develops talent. The team serves as a think tank that is transforming Tsinghua into a leading global university, advancing China's development of double world class higher education. IOE keeps broadening its interdisciplinary expertise, expanding high-level international cooperation, intensifying its focus on data- and evidence-based research, invigorating practice-based university research, and securing benefits from disciplinary development and policy consultancy.

IOE provides master's, doctoral, postdoctoral, and professional doctoral programs. The programs cover higher education, education policy and management, and education technology.

IOE publishes three journals, the Tsinghua Journal of Education (Chinese), the International Journal of Chinese Education (English), and the Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (English).