China-Africa Leadership Development Institute Tsinghua University (CALDI-THU)

Supported by UNESCO, CALDI-THU was jointly established by IOE and the Tsinghua University Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. It trains African officials, educates young Africans and human resource of Chinese companies in Africa, and supports internships for Chinese students in Africa. CALDI-TSU promotes implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, supporting a comprehensive China-Africa strategic partnership that fulfills goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

National Talent-Introduction Base for the Interdisciplinary Innovation of Engineering Education

The strategic positioning of the base is grounded on Tsinghua University, rooted in China, facing the world, it will become an engineering education think tank, a high-end talent training base and a famous international academic exchange platform with great influence and playing leading role in the field of global engineering education. Through the cooperation with international academic masters and academic backbone, the base will focus on interdisciplinary innovation of Engineering Education, serve for the national strategies proactively, devote to the research of frontier and strategic major issues in the development of international engineering education, and have a significant influence and play a demonstrative and leading role in the reform and development of global engineering education.

Ministry of Education-Tsinghua University Research Center for Educational Strategy and Policy

The Center is dedicated to education, training and evaluation related to major strategic problems encountered in managing economic and social development. It provides evidence-based policy-making advice. The Center actively participates in domestic and international academic exchanges. The Center is extending its influence as a think tank, and as an important source of advice about national educational development.

Research Center for Graduate Education, Tsinghua University

The institute focuses on the in-depth research on how to offer better graduate education, and aims to raise the influence and international reputation of Tsinghua’s graduate education and provide substantial decision-making support for the country.

Research Center for Vocational Education Innovation through IT

The center aims to further clarify the development direction of our school's educational technology discipline, gather the wisdom of scholars and practitioners inside and outside the school, at home and abroad, to make greater contributions to the development of China's vocational education informatization.

Tsinghua University Asia Research Center

The Center assists the academic research efforts of teachers, research fellows and research departments across Tsinghua University. Emphasizing humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the Center contributes to academic development, mutual understanding, and common prosperity across Asia.

Tsinghua University Long Spring Institute for Learning and Human Development (THU-ILHD)

The Institute targets national human development strategy, promoting coordinated development of higher and primary education, and building an interdisciplinary research platform in learning and human development. THU-ILHD is building a dynamic, world-leading research capability.

UNESCO International Center for Engineering Education

Guided by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Center focuses on innovation and cooperation among engineering universities. It focuses on training engineering technology talent, improving global engineering education, and promoting fairness. The Center is a think tank, and a platform for international exchange.