Higher Education Research Division

Conduct research around the fundamental theories, significant policies and practical issues on building world-class universities of Chinese characteristics, emphasize “cross-discipline, integration and innovation”, promote the theoretical and paradigm innovation on China’s research on higher education, strive to achieve landmark accomplishments on the growth patterns of top innovative talent, and the training model for such kind of talent in Tsinghua, thus playing a leading role at home and abroad.

Educational Policy and Management Research Division

Commit to becoming a world-renowned research team of significant influence, cultivate senior-level talent for the government and society who have a genuine passion for education and are capable of leading the education development in the future, achieve academic excellence in higher education management and graduates’ education.

Educational Technology Research Division

Boost multidisciplinary development under close collaboration with partners from within and outside the university, systematically carry out research on IT in vocational education and higher education, achieve landmark outcomes in blended teaching theories within the life-long education system for all, and take leadership in the theoretical study on IT in vocational education and high-caliber talent development for this field.

Engineering Education Research Division

Commit to serving as the think tank for the national engineering education, the training base for high-caliber talent, as well as a top-notch academic exchange platform; continue to increase its global influence; maintain the leading position in the research on engineering education policy, top-level engineering talent development, multi-player collaborated talent nurturing, values and ethics, and future engineering education maintain leadership in nurturing highcaliber talent in engineering education.

Compulsory Education Research Division

Research focuses on pre-school, compulsory and senior high school education. Contributions have accelerated basic education reform and innovation.