Division of Higher Education Research


SHI Jinghuan

Ph.D, Professor, Chief Editor of International Journal Chinese Education


Address:Room 415, Wennan Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, China


Dr. Jinghuan Shi is a professor and the Chair of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Education, the Director of the Research Center for the Assessment of College and Student Tsinghua University. She also works as the Deputy Chair of the University Degree Committee, the Chair of the Degree Committee in Education Division. Shi is the Deputy Chair of the Special Committee of Institutional Research, the Deputy Chair of the Special Committee of Higher Education Evaluation, China Association of Higher Education. She is an International Board Member of the University Quality Assurance, Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority. 2015-2019,the deputy director of the Online Education Research Center of Ministry of Education in China.

Dr. Jinghuan She has a broad academic publication in higher education, international and comparative education, particular in the field of college student learning and assessment. She has been a team leader in the national largest student survey project called China College Student Survey (CCSS) for 11 years and is currently working as a PI for a national key research project on the assessment of World-Class University Construction Project.

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