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Spring semester begins online!

2020-03-30    Click:

The spring semester began on February 17th. At this critical time of combating novel coronavirus, Tsinghua University classes are being conducted remotely for the spring semester in line with other curriculum plans. With the full support of administrators, faculty, and staff, Institute of Education at Tsinghua University has successfully concluded the first day of online class.

Our teachers and students had a lot to share after the first day of online teaching and learning. Teachers have expressed their own experience and thinking about the online courses after teaching. The students and teaching assistants also shared and contributed their experiences and suggestions.

Teacher ZHONG Zhou

“I am excited to offer the Curriculum and Instruction course to the class size of thirty undergraduate students as scheduled this semester. The lesson began particularly under the threat of covid-19 which made all of us so proud of our school Tsinghua University. School semester comes at the appointed time due to the steadfast faith and perceptiveness of school administrators. Nevertheless, long-term integration in online education, close cooperation within teaching system, fast adaptation of each teacher, and students’ support are all essential.

The main course objective is to explore cutting-edge of teaching development. Students shared their online learning experiences at the very beginning of the class. Each of us including both teacher and students are learning by doing in the natural laboratory. We would appreciate this opportunity to study in order to practice and practice to facilitate learning in order to benefit both teacher and students.”

Student ZHOU Xiting

“There are more problems showed during the actual process, such as the network failure, the unfamiliarity with the online learning software, the delay of the live broadcast and so forth. Fortunately, Tsinghua had arranged trial class ahead so that the problems could be fixed in time making sure of the smooth operation of the online learning. Tsinghua also provides Tencent meetings, ZOOM and other third-party software in order to make courses accessible through other channels which makes things a lot more convenient for students. Easily distracted and difficult to focus for long time are needed to be improved.", "I strongly agree with Tsinghua’s policy of remote learning". Tsinghua’s spirit of ‘actions speaks louder than words’ now need to be carried by us as students.”