Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange

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The Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE), an open-access journal, is a refereed international journal published by the Society of International Chinese in Educational Technology (SICET) in 2008 with ISSN 1941-8027 (Print) 1941-8035 (Online). JETDE switched to the Aquila Digital Community platform and has been published by The University of Southern Mississippi since January 2017. The editorial office is located at the University of Southern Mississippi, USA and the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University, P. R. China.

The manuscripts must be written in English and go through a double-blind review. JETDE publishes two issues every year and has an ongoing publication process. With the aim of providing a platform for international scholars and experts in the field of education technology and encouraging academic cooperation, communication, and support among professionals, JETDE provides a multidisciplinary forum and focal points for SICET members and international scholars to exchange practice and research between disciplines, educational levels, and educational technologies.

JETDE can be indexed in the following databases: Cabell Publishing, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) , EBSCO Publishing, Google Scholar, Scopus, The Standard Periodical Directory, Ulrich's Periodical Directory

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license

Editorial Board


Dr. Jiangang Cheng, Professor, Tsinghua University, P. R. China


Dr. Hao Yang, Professor, The State University of New York at Oswego, USA


Dr. Xibin Han, Professor, Tsinghua University, P. R. China

Dr. Shuyan Wang, Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Associate Editors

Dr. Taralynn Hartsell, Associate Professor, Valdosta State University, U.S.A.

Dr. Hengtao Tang, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina, U.S.A.

Dr. Lin Zhong, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University, U.S.A.

Managing Editor

Ms. Juan Yang, Tsinghua University, China

The scope of accepted manuscripts includes:

1.Research, fundamental theory, and empirical studies

Manuscripts with integrative and evaluative reviews, interpretations of substantive issues and case studies, and original qualitative and quantitative research.

2.Practice and position papers

Manuscripts bridging the gap between theory and practice; drawing extensively on real practical experience; discussions on current issues, new ideas, and concepts; review papers, reports on innovative applications and projects; evaluations of software and new technologies, comments and opinions, etc.