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International Journal of Chinese Education (IJCE) Open Access Launch Conference convened successfully-Tsinghua University

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On Thursday 29 April, the Institute of Education Tsinghua University convened the International Journal of Chinese Education (IJCE) Open Access Launch Conference, held as part of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University. Eighteen editors, scholars and experts addressed an audience of 100 from around twenty countries. The Launch Conference was Co-chaired by Professor Shi Jinghuan, IJCE Chief Editor, and Professor Hamish Coates, Executive Chief editor.

Professor Yang Yongheng, Director of the Office of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Administration, pointed out that IJCE is one of the key journals supported by the Tsinghua Strategy for Heightening Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: “Plateaus & Peaks”(P&P). The Office will support the construction and development of IJCE into the future, and strive to make it an original English journal of liberal arts with high quality and influence.

Professor Yang Yongheng, Tsinghua University

Professor Shi Zhongying, Dean of the Institute of Education, welcomed Chinese and international scholars and editors. He pointed out that journals serve as knowledge transfer stations and links between authors, editors, reviewers and readers. The cooperation between IJCE and SAGE Publications is a new phase in IJCE’s development. He hoped that IJCE would become a more prominent window for the international community to understand, study and exchange thoughts, policies and practices relating to Chinese education, and make valuable contributions to the future development of education in China and the world.

Professor Shi Zhongying,Tsinghua University

Kate Finn and Wang Xuting of SAGE Publications, IJCE’s publishers, noted that IJCE is an important partner of SAGE. SAGE hopes to connect Chinese education researchers and international readers through open publishing, and promote the dissemination and exchange of knowledge on a global scale.

Kate Finn and Xuting Wang, SAGE Publications

IJCE Chief Editor Prof. Shi Jinghuan detailed the development of the journal, and emphasized that IJCE sought to forge a path for more open and informative scholarly communication and cooperation.

Professor Shi Jinghua, Tsinghua University

This conference provided a forum to discuss hot topics in Chinese education research in the global context, opportunities and challenges of open access publication, and strategies for managing English journals in the education field. Eleven famous professors contributed to the discussion, including Professor Chen Hongjie from Peking University, Professor Nicholas Dirks, former President of UC Berkeley, Professor Zhu Xudong from Beijing Normal University, Professor Gary McCulloch from the University College London, Professor Chen Shuangye from East China Normal University, Professor Jeroen Huisman from Ghent University, Professor Ruth Hayhoe from the University of Toronto, Professor Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Professor Zhang Minxue from Shanghai Normal University, Prof. Gerard A. Postiglione from the University of Hong Kong and Professor Guo Shibao from the University of Calgary.

Ruth Hayhoe pointed out that more and more international participation and collaboration were drawn towards research on China. Gary McCulloch mentioned that education equity has always been the focus of IJCE, and that international exchange is of great importance. It was hoped that education research articles would be global and innovative.

In view of "opportunities, challenges and strategies faced by academic journals in the field of educational research", Chen Hongjie pointed out that while Chinese scholars’ international publications had increased rapidly in recent years such participation was not yet matched by influence. Ruth Hayhoe proposed that scholars and academic journals from different countries should support each other and rely on cross-cultural communication and cooperation for shared development. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia pointed out that international publishing should be fully used to enhance the impact of journals. Meanwhile, Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia and Gerard A.Postiglione mentioned that journals should pay more attention to the translation of excellent research papers published in local languages. Editors would play a key role in ensuring articles met high international standards.

The contributors debated the nature and merits of open access publication in the field of education. Open access publication is a sound path for academic journals, and the way of the future, though not without complexities. Chen Shuangye pointed out that open access can widen a journal’s reach and increase impact. She recommended using social media to expand engagement. Guo Shibao pointed out that open access publication makes it easier for researchers to obtain learning and research opportunities. Zhu Xudong conveyed that opening journal publications is conducive to promoting and sharing quality educational research. Chen Shuangye and Jeroen Huisman emphasized that as well as being open, publishers and scholars must consider balancing access to various kinds of openness. Guo Shibao and Jeroen Huisman both stressed the importance of collaboration among educational research journals.

Experts believe that refining and summarizing Chinese educational theories based on Chinese practice is the key to enhance the quality and standing of journals. It is a frontier consideration for education researchers. Chen Hongjie, Zhang Minxue and Gerard A. Postiglione all put forward requirements and expectations for future research into Chinese education. Zhang Minxuan pointed out that education research should focus more on how to guide practice. Nicholas Dirks shared his experience of embracing global partnerships and global interactions.

Professor Hongjie Chen, Peking University

Professor Nicholas Dirks, The New York Academy of Sciences

Professor Zhu Xudong,Beijing Normal University

Professor Gary McCulloch,University College London

Professor Chen Shuangye,East China Normal University

Professor Jeroen Huisman,University of Ghent

Professor Ruth Hayhoe,University of Toronto

Professor Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Professor Zhang Minxuan, Shanghai Normal University

Professor Gerard A. Postiglione, University of Hong Kong

Professor Guo Shibao, University of Calgary

Hamish Coates delivered summary remarks, noting that the meeting helped understand education research from different perspectives, that international journals had a key role to play in encouraging more transnational and interdisciplinary cooperation, and that scholars had a key role to play in analyzing ‘openness’ and in particular balancing knowledge, quality and access.

Professor Hamish Coates, Tsinghua University

Shi Jinghuan closed the meeting, stressing the responsibility of journals is to use publication to change traditional ways of thinking and research. Journals are an important link in the innovation and reform of universities and countries.

This Launch conference established the open access phase of IJCE, embracing astute ideas and warm wishes from global experts. It sets IJCE on a robust course to pursue its aim of "enhancing academic exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, promoting educational research in China, and promoting the development of education in China".