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Cool-Tech Air-Water Generators donated by Tsinghua University distributed at Primary Schools in SNNP region of Ethiopia

2022-06-29    Click:

Donation Ceremony Group Photo

On Jun. 23-24, five air-water generators jointly donated by Tsinghua University China-Africa Leadership Development Institute(CALDI), HurRain NanoTech team and China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD, former China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation)were successfully distributed in Key Afer Primary, Tulungo Primary, Sitimba Primary, Turmi Primary and Demeka Primary in SNNP region of Ethiopia, which will benefit 2,106 students for the clean and sanitary water. Former Ethiopian first lady Roman Tesfaye Abneh, South Omo Zone Education Department Head Weli Haile, and other officials attended the donation ceremony. Huang Xiaocen, CFRD Ethiopian Office Director attended on behalf of Chinese donors.

Speech by Roman Tesfaye Abneh, Former First Lady of Ethiopia, At the Local Donation Ceremony

The horn of Africa is facing the worst drought in decades. The consequences of lack of rain in many rainy seasons is acerbated by regional conflicts, climate change, locust infestations and the economic fallout of the covid-19 pandemic, urgent humanitarian assistance is needed. Initiated by CALDI and supported by CFRD, Lin Tengyu, a doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua university, led his team with great passion of creating public value in Africa. The team modified the innovative water purification solution with graphene-enabling filter, and designed the specific energy-efficient type of air-water generators effective with Ethiopian local weather. They worked over time for the prototype and made the equipment ready far in advance of schedule.

As Coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain and maritime transportation, freight rates skyrocketed, followed by the container shortages, port congestion and custom clearance delay. After two times of shipping for sample and machines, the donation finally arrived Ethiopia and passed the several rounds of quality tests by Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health. The air-water generator, absorbing moisture from the air and producing sanitary water by simply plugging-in, is firstly introduced in Ethiopia. The down-to-earth cool tech brings the tangible benefits for local people, illustrating our university’s technology strength.

Roman Tesfaye Abneh, the former first lady of Ethiopia, expressed sincere thanks to the donors and supporters at the ceremony. She said that such equipment "is very suitable for the climatic conditions in SNNP region, and children can drink safely. Ethiopia is suffering from drought and water shortage, this high-tech, zero waste, no-plastic-bottle-waste water purification solution, will directly help schools and communities."

Muda Wacho , Benna-Tsemay Woreda Main Administrator, Drank Up the First Cup of Water Made by the Air-Water Generator

Muda Wacho , Benna-Tsemay Woreda Main Administrator, drank up the first cup of water made by the machine, urged the students not to waste as the water is the source of life. Mesele Mesfin, principal of Demeka Primary showed a great deal excitement when his school got the generator. He studied the manual for many times and promised to take good care of the air-water generator so that the children could benefit from it. On behalf of all the teachers and students, the principal expressed his gratitude to the Chinese donors.

Curious Students Drawn by the Air-Water Generator