Recruiting Excellent Young Scholars

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With noble virtue and graceful appearance, Tsinghua University adds splendor to the Chinese nation. The century-old Tsinghua University is facing a new era, and marching toward a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and Tsinghua style.

Tsinghua University has a long history of education discipline. Adhering to the tradition of “bearing great responsibility for education”, Institute of Education Tsinghua University (IOE) shoulders the mission of “training talent, deepening academic exploration and serving society and people”, and aims to make high-level, international and innovative achievements and contributions. Over the years, IOE has formed its own characteristics in inter-disciplinary study, high-level international cooperation, data- and evidence-based research, practice-based institutional study, and mutual support between disciplinary development and policy consultancy.

In order to accelerate the construction of world-class faculty team, and advance China’s “Double World-Class” higher education development, IOE plans to recruit excellent young scholars in the following disciplines and fields: engineering education, educational technology, educational psychology, learning and cognitive sciences, educational policy and management, and etc.


1. A PhD granted by a prestigious university from China or international, with at least one year experience of overseas studies (research) or experience of post-doctoral research in his/her field

2. An applicant for an assistant professor position shall have published at least one article in journals list in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), and an applicant for and associate professor position shall have published at least two articles in journals list in SSCI

3. Good professional ethics and public service spirit, being able to be engaged in high-quality teaching, and being fully responsible for required public services

4. Priority is given to an applicant with the experience of taking the same position at a university ranking top 50 in the world.

Salary and Welfare

1. Competitive compensation package

2. Sufficient start-up funds for research

3. Highly subsidized on-campus housing

4. Access to superior educational resources for children, including Tsinghua University affiliated kindergarten, primary school and junior high school.


The recruitment process consists of two steps: preliminary screening of application materials, and interview.

Application materials shall be submitted during the period from November 5th to December 20th, 2019. Applicants passing the preliminary screening will have an interview in early January 2020. IOE will be responsible for round-trip travel and hotel costs.

Applicants shall send the curriculum vitae, representative work and other proof materials to, with an email with the subject in the format of “name + position wanted”.